As ever, PonyCon is ready to liven up your year with awesome fundraising events to help the convention. Of course, this year shall be no different with a plethora of awesome pony contests to whet your appetite before the big day.

In true PonyCon tradition, 2013 gets to have its very own theme. From "Butterfly Island" in 2005 to "My Little Pony and Me" in 2010, part of the fun of PonyCon is choosing the theme that the whole con is based around. This year, PonyCon proudly invites you to...

~*~10 Years of UK PonyCon!~*~

Can you believe it? 2013 sees PonyCon in its tenth year! From the very first convention in 2004, we've taken you across the country and into Ponyland without fail! To date, PonyCon has raised thousands of pounds for charity, and we only intend on getting bigger and better! With panels, games and displays celebrating ten years of PonyCon, we can't overlook the fact that this is also My Little Pony's 30th year! Truly an excuse to party, wouldn't you say?

~*~ Weekend Timetable!~*~

(all events are subject to change)

Saturday 7th September

Time Saturday 'Mane' Room Saturday Panel Room Saturday Video Room
10:00 am Convention opens, welcome, hello!    
11:00 am Mingle n' Dingle (a chance to shop and catch up!) 10 Years of PonyCon 'Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony' screening
12:00 am Stable 101 'Equestria Girls', Yay or Neigh? Random Pony Videos
1:00 pm Who Dares Wins BUCK Card Game Panel & Play 'My Little Obsession' screening
2:00 pm Pony Blankety Blank Random Pony Episodes & Videos
3:00 pm Cosplay Masquerade  
4:00 pm
30 Years of My Little Pony
5:00 pm   Pinch the Parcel & Convention Wind down (last chance to shop!)  
6:00 pm Meetup for 6:30 Group Meal in town!    
7:00 pm      
8:00 pm      
9:00 pm   PonyCon Pub Quiz  
10:00 pm      
11:00 pm   Late Night Panel & Cartoon Riff  
12:00 pm    

Sunday 8th September

Time Saturday 'Mane' Room Saturday Panel Room Saturday Video Room
10:00 am Mingle n' Dingle (a chance to shop and catch up!)   Firefly's Adventure / Escape from Catrina
11:00 am Build A Pony Customising Ponies Panel 'Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony' screening
12:00 am Pony Horror Stories How to be a Princess Friendship is Magic Pilot
1:00 pm Ponycon Charity Auction    
2:00 pm Pony Play Your Cards Right Pony Island Panel 'My Little Obsession' screening
3:00 pm Don't do what Derring Do Wouldn't Do (Episode 2)   Pony Video Games (Rainbow Dash Attack tourney etc)
4:00 pm Prizes, Thanks & Closing    
5:00 pm     Youtube Karaoke
6:00 pm      
7:00 pm      
8:00 pm      
9:00 pm      
10:00 pm      
11:00 pm      
12:00 pm    

What to expect from our events!:

~*~ PonyCon Cosplay Competition ~*~

Time to show off your skill and know how with a sewing machine and then strut your stuff for the rest of the attendees to see. It is of course the chance for you to dress up as your favourite pony, character or even your own persona and declare your personal love for them.

~*~ PonyCon Custom Contest ~*~

Can’t tell tulle from velvet? No worries, the Custom Contest has plenty to offer the arty ones amongst us as you turn a baity pony into a magnificent creation. Will you go all out with your own imagination, or recreate Twilight Sparkle as a G1? It’s in your hands (literally). There may even be an extra category for those of you able to create a custom based around this years theme. Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

~*~ Best Stall Competition ~*~

Fear not sellers, for even though the thought of paints and paper or needle and thread make you quiver, we’ve got something just for you. Everyone purchasing a stall be it to sell or display can automatically take part in the Best stall contest. Simply make your stall stand out from the crowd. Use whatever you like from tinsel, display stands or deck the whole thing out in fairy lights (not sure on the power source for that…maybe get some ponies going in hamster wheels) just make it look awesome and, most importantly, think of the theme. How can you make your stall Lucky for you?

~*~ Videos & Games ~*~

PonyCon has two dedicated panel rooms for gaming and videos, including gaming tournaments and video streaming. Last year we had panels on the history of MLP to educate any willing Bronies who attended, as well as a 'the worst of MLP cartoons' panel,, 'the best of the Brony fandom' and much, much more. We're only going to be increasing this list for 2013 with more panels, gaming and sillyness!

~*~ PonyCon Party & Youtube Karaoke!~*~

Last year, PonyCon held its first ever disco featuring an amazing mix of music from pony remixes to cheesy 80s dance numbers. Yes. There was Gangnam Style. It was a great success, so we're doing it again! We also held a rousing (if voice-breakingly loud!) Youtube Karaoke panel where everyone had a go at singing their favourite pony numbers.

~*~ Panels & Discussions ~*~

Ever wondered what the pony fandom was like before you joined? The first websites or how the G2s were received when they were released? Ever wanted to rehair a custom pony but just didn't know how? Just WHO is that cross eyed little pony everyone keeps on about? Every year PonyCon hosts panels devoted to discussing various aspects of pony collecting, including customising tutorials and spotlight discussions. More details regarding specific events will come nearer the time, but rest assured that PonyCon will be jam packed full of exciting things to do and see!